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PH-M302 metallographic microscopes

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  • Eyepiece

    Wide field WF10X(视场数Φ22mm)

    Infinity plan achromatic objective

    PH-M302(Equipped with   bright field objective)

    PL L5X/0.12  Work distance:26.1 mm

    PL L10X/0.25  Work distance:20.2 mm

    PL L20X/0.40  Work distance:8.80 mm

    PL L50X/0.70  Work distance:3.68 mm

    PL L80X/0.80  Work distance:1.25 mm

    PH-M302BD(Equipped with   bright & dark field objectives)

    PL L5X/0.12 BD  Work distance:8.05mm

    PL L10X/0.25 BD  Work distance:7.86mm

    PL L20X/0.40 BD Work distance:7.23mm

    PL L50X/0.70 BD  Work distance:1.75mm

    PL L80X/0.80 BD   Work distance:0.80mm


    Trinocular inclined 30?,can   be shot in 100% light flux

    Epi-illumination system


    6V30W halogen and brightness enable control


    12V50W halogen and brightness enable control

    Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm,   (yellow, blue, green, ground glass) switching device, Push-pull type analyzer   and polarizer

    Focusing system

    Coaxial coarse and fine focus system,with tensional adjustable and limit   stopper, minimum division of focusing: 0.7μm


    Quintuple(Backward ball bearing inner locating)


    Mechanical stage,overall size:280mmX270mm,moving range:Horizontal(X)204mm,Vertical(Y)204mm



    Dividing eyepiece 10X(Φ22mm),0.1mm/DIV


    PL L40X/0.60  work distance:3.98

    Equipped with bright field objectives(PH-M302)

    PL L60X/0.70  work distance 2.08mm

    PL L100X(Dry)/0.85  work distance 0.4mm

    PL L40X/0.60 BD    work distance 3.0mm

    Equipped with bright & dark field objectives(PH-M302BD)

    PL L60X/0.70 BD   work distance 1.65mm

    PL L100X/0.85 BD    work distance 0.4mm


    Mechanical stage,overall   size:250mmX230mm, move range:154mmX154mm

    CCD adapter



    0.5X with dividing,0.1mm/DIV


    DV-1 Video output(380/520 TV line),USB   output(42 M pixel)

    DV-130 / 300 / 500 /1000(USB output)

    DV-3 with Video output(380/520 TV line)

    Digital camera adapter

    CANON(A570,A610,A620,A630,A640,A650,EF)  NIKON( F)


  • PH-M302/302BD upright metallurgical microscope is suitable to observe surfaces of opaque object .It is equipped excellent UlS optical system and modularization function design so that update system expediently and achieved polarization, dark field observation.Compact and steady main frame body is embodiment for the shock resistance. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted in this unit and has easier operation and wider space. This is ideal optical instrument for micro observation in metallographic structure and surface morphology. It is suitable for research in metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, etc.

    ¤Excellent infinity optical system, excellent optical performance

    ¤Compact and stable high-rigidity main body fully reflects the anti-vibration requirements of micromanipulation

    ¤Large-stroke mechanical mobile loading platform is suitable for microscopic observation of large samples or rapid detection of multiple samples.

    ¤Modular functional design can facilitate system upgrade.¤ The ideal design that meets the ergonomics requirements makes the operation more convenient and comfortable, and the operation space is wider.