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PH-M2030B metallographic microscopes

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  • PH-M2030B Main Technical parameters

    Eyepiece: Wide Field WF10X(Φ18mm)

    Plan achromatic objectives with long working distance(no cover glass):  PL 5X/0.12, PL 10X/0.25 , PL 20X/0.4 ,PL 40X/0.60 , PL 60X/0.75    

    Eyepiecea tube: Trinocular inclined 30°,Analyzer with field diaphragm to switch.

                               Vertical illumination unit: 6V,20W,Halogen lamp,adjustable control.

                               Vertical illumination with field diaphragm,aperture diaphragm and polarizer,(Y,G,B)filter and frosted filter

    Focus system: Coaxial coarse/fine focus system,with tension adjustable and up stop,minimum division of fine focusing:2um.

    Nosepiece: Quintuple Backward ball bearing inner locating

    Stage: Double layer mechanical stage,overall size:185mmX140mm,moving range:75mmX50mm.

               Transmitted illumination unit: Abbe condenser NA=1.25 Rack & pinion adjustable 

               Blue filter and frosted filter  

               Collector for halogen lamp   

               6V,20W,Halogen lamp,brightness control.  

  •      PH-M2030 reflected and transimitted metallurgical microscopes are suitable to observe the surfaces of non-transparent object or transparent object.They are equipped with vertical illuminator and tramsmitted illuminator,plan achromatic objectives with long working distance(no cover glass),wide-field eyepieces and set polarizer device in trinocular.They provide clear and high-contrast picture,convient operation and etc.They are the ideal instruments for research work in metallography,precision engineering,electronics and etc.They are suitable for scientific research,teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.


    Performance Characteristics

    ▲Configure large-field eyepieces and long distance plan achromatic objectives (no cover glass ),  large and clear view field .

    ▲ Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, coarse elastic adjustable, with locking and limit device, fine focusing range: 2μm.

    ▲Equipped with two sets of illumination systems, it can be used for microscopic observation of opaque or transparent objects.

    ▲6V20W halogen lamp,brightness adjustable .

    ▲Trinocular tube, which can switch between normal observation and polarized light observation, and can perform 100% light transmission photography.