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BMC533-FLED-UVBG fluorescence microscope

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  • BMC533-FLED-UVBG Main Technical Parameters

    Optical system: Infinity Optical System

    Magnification: 40X-1600X

    Viewing head: Infinity compensation trinocular head, 30°inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm

    Eyepiece: high eyepoint, large field of view, no distortion, diopter adjustable , WF10X/20mm, WF16X/16mm

    Objective: ICCF Infinity Plan High Contrast Achromatic, HC PLAN 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65 (Spring), 100X/1.25 (Spring,Oil)

    Nosepiece: Quadruble four holes, inward , steel ball positioning

    Stage:  Double Layer Mechanical Moving Stage, can hold two slice,  size 188×145mm, Moving range 76×54mm

    Focusing system: Coaxial Coarse and Fine focusing knob, coarse adjustment 20mm, fine adjustment 0.001mm, with hand wheel elastic adjustment, Random limit locking mechanism

    Condenser: Abbe condenser, N.A.=1.25, iris diaphragm, concentrator center adjustable

    Transmitted light source: LED 3W, adjustable brightness

    Base Power : external switch power supply,  DC 6.5V

    Epi-fluorescent lighting system:

    Light source: LED 3W, adjustable brightness

    Fluorescent components:

    Blue (B) excitation wavelength: 430-485 nm, color separation wavelength: 500 nm, emission wavelength: 515 nm

    Green (G) excitation wavelength: 460-550nm, color separation wavelength: 580nm, emission wavelength: 590nm

    Ultraviolet (UV) excitation wavelength: 350-390nm, color separation wavelength: 415nm, emission wavelength: 425nm

    Violet (V) excitation wavelength: 395-415nm, color separation wavelength: 430nm, emission wavelength: 455nm  

    Power: External regulated power adapter, DC 6.5V/2A

    Eye protection screen: UV protection baffle

  • BMC533-FLED-UVBG Fluorescence Light Microscope is a versatile optical instrument that use infinity plan achromatic fluorescence objective and large-field eyepiece. The optical system is clearly imaged and has a wide field of view. LED lighting, adjustable brightness, low power consumption, long service life, safe and comfortable operation. It is an ideal instrument for life science research, disease prevention and immunoassay, and can be used by scientific research, universities, medical and disease control and epidemic prevention departments.


    Compensation Trinocular Head, can be connected to camera.

    Large field eyepiece WF10X/Φ22


    Adopt cold light source LED illumination, no heat, provide blue, green, purple, ultraviolet

    Four-band fluorescence observation


    Double-layer mechanical mobile platform, stable and reliable

    Area: 188*1458mm, moving range: 76*54mm


    Kohler illumination, 3W LED cold light source, precision dimming, no flicker