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XTL-165-CB stereo microscope

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  • XTL-165-CB Main Technical Parameters

    Magnification: 7X-45X/3.5X-180X(with Auxillary objective+eyepiece,optional)

    Continuous zoom ratio: 1:6.5

    Viewing head: Compensation binocular head, 45°inclined, interpupillary distance:  55-75mm

    Eyepiece: WF10X/φ20mm ,High eyepoint Wide field

    Objective: Zoom continuos objective, 0.7x-4.5x

    Diopter: Both eyepiece tubes dipter adjustable ±6

    Field of view diameter: φ5mm-30mm

    Working distance: 30mm-160mm

    Focusing system: L type column bracket,focusing range: 100mm

    Upper lighting: 1W LED light, adjustable brightness

    Down lighting: 75 LED light, adjustable brightness, power 5W

    Large base size: 265x205x60cm

  • XTL-165 series continuous zoom stereo microscope has long working distance, large depth of focus, clear imaging,wide field and other features. The zoom mode is the double hand wheel level zoom mode, with the eliminating gap zoom design and reinforcing the transmission system design, make sure that the stable clear imaging and smooth and comfortable llifting acquired while using.

    The product can be widely used in mechanical electronics, instrumentation, precision parts, enviroment protection of forestry and environmental, criminal investigation and jewelry inspection.


    High eyepoint wide-field eyepiece,1: 6.5 continuos zoom objective, clear imaging