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BMC303W hermostat biological microscope

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  • BMC303W Main Technical Parameters

    Magnification: 40X-1600X

    Viewing head: Compensation trinocular head, 30 ° inclined, 360°rotatable, interpupillary distace 48-75 mm

    Eyepiece: WF10X/20MM,diopter adjustable,  WF16X/16MM

    Objective 195 achromatic 4X,10X, 40X(spring), 100X(spring, oil)

    Nosepiece: 4 holes,revolving nosepiece,inward

    Homothermal stage: double layer mechanical stage,  can hold 2slides

    Area: 160X142mm, moving range: 76x52mm

    Temperature control range: room temperature -50 ° C

    Temperature control accuracy: ≤ ± 1 ° C

    Heating power: 12V

    Power: 36W

    Focusing system: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, coarse focusing range 22mm, fine focusing graduation: 0.002mm

    Condenser: abbe condenser N.A.=1.25, color filter, multi-function slot, lift up and down, center adjustable

    Upper light source: Universal LED cool light source ( Optional )

    Bottom light source:3W LED cool light source, brightness adjustable

    Power: 12V/4A switching power adapter

    Packing: foam + carton  (Aluminum box,optional )

  • BMC303W digital thermostat microscope is widely used in the sample baking, drying and other temperature tests . It is an essential tool for biological genetics, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research. It is mainly used for animal husbandry (Thermostatic microscopy is one of the essential equipment for artificial insemination laboratories. Most of the artificial insemination laboratories are not instantaneous completed, semen requires a stable temperature,  37 °C sperm has the strongest vitality, most of the semen need to be maintained at 35 °C-37 °C ), sperm and blood breeding in medical treatment.