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BMC513-IPL biological microscope

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  • BMC513-IPL Main Technical Parameters

    Viewing tube: Infinity compensation trinocular tube: 30°inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance : 48-75mm

    Eyepiece: high eyepoint, wide field WF10X/20mm, diopter adjustable, high eyepoint, wide field WF16X/16mm, diopter adjustable

    Infinity Plan Achromatic objective : IPL 4X, IPL 10X, IPL 40X (Spring), IPL 100X (Spring,Oil)

    Nosepiece: Inner clined quadruble nosepiece, ball bearing inner locating

    Focusing system: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, coarse focusing range 20mm, fine focusing graduation: 0.001mm

    Stage: Double-layer mechanical moving stage, , Area: 188mmx145mm, moving range: 76mmx54mm, with two slice clips

    Condenser: Full Kohler Abbe condenser N.A=1.25, lift up and down, center adjustable, iris diaphragm

    Illumination: Full Kohler illumination, adjustable field diaphragm

    Light source: LED cool light source, 3W, precision stepless dimming, no flicker

    Power supply: external switch power supply, input AC90-240V, output DC 6.5V/5A

  • Phenix BMC500 series High-Level Biological Microscope Experiments,the use of New and Unique Phenix Completely Cusomize"ICCF? Infinity Corrected Colour Free Optical Sytem "Design,to Achieve the Performance,Quality,Appearance and Enhance the Comprehensive Breakthrough,Compared to the Same Products with Internationally Renowned Brand,the Comprehensive Performance is Completely Beyond,is Highly Cost-Effective Product.

    The product can be used in higher education, clinical diagnostics, scientific research, laboratories and other high-level applications.


    Eyepiece: High Eyepoint, Large field of view, No distortion,Diopter adjustable

    The eyepiece adopts plan field distortion-free design, which can be observed with high eyepoint, large field of view (field of view up to Φ22mm), and diopter adjustable. The standard configuration is Φ20mm wide-field eyepiece. When using Φ22mm eyepiece, It can also completely eliminate the phenomenon of virtual field and yellow-green aperture generated by traditional small-field eyepiece observation, greatly enhance the comfort of observation.


    Objective: ICCF Infinity Plan High Contrast Achromatic objective

    The objective lens is designed with “ICCF Infinity Plan High Contrast Achromatic” design. On the basis of the original infinity plan achromatic, the plan field degree, the contrast and the achromatic are promoted to the effect of the "semi-apochromatic plan field". At the same time, imported glass materials and advanced multi-layer broadband coating technology have greatly improved the plan field, sharpness, brightness and contrast of the image. Thereby the observed image is naturally realistic. Even with very thin sections, can also guarantee excellent imaging results.


    Working Stage: Detachable Super Large Stage

    Double-layer mechanical moving stage, triangular steel column guides up and down, can hold two slice

    Detachable, Anti-corrosive, Anti-mild, and Wear-resistant Stage.

    Large size: 188mm × 145mm, long stroke: 76mm × 54mm