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H215-A biological microscope

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  • H215-A Main Technical Parameters

    Viewing head: Monocular, 45°inclined,360°rotatable

    Eyepiece: WF10X/18mm

    195 achromatic objective lens: 4X, 10X, 40X (spring), 100X (spring, oil)

    Nosepiece: Quadruble,4holes

    Focusing system: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob ,coarse focusing range: 22mm, fine focusing range: 0.002mm

    Working Stage: Double-layer mechanical stage, automatic re-focusing, 120×115mm, 76×40mm

    Condenser: Abbe condenser, N.A.=1.25 variable diaphragm, lifting ring

    Light source: LED 1W, unrechargeable, brightness adjustable

    Power supply: LED external switch power supply, input AC100-240V, output DC 5V/2A

  • HOLLOW series biological microscope, using ergonomics design, Smooth line of machine, beautiful appearance, light structure. Long-term observation is not easy to fatigue, built-in handle for easy pick up.

    HOLLOW series biological microscopes are available for teaching research, clinical experiments and scientific research analysis of biology, pathology and bacteriology in many institutions of higher learning, medical and health care, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

    Super-long stroke, elastic automatic reset and refocus. when replacing slides, don’t have to use coarse and fine knob to move down the stage. Only need to press down the stage and remove the slides. Then the stage will be reset automatically to ensure accurate focus. The same method is used when 100X objective needs to drip oil.