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Disinfection cabinet

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  • This series of products are mainly used for the electronic control of disinfection cabinet. They can cooperate with the corresponding operation parts and executive parts to realize all the control functions of range hood, gas stove, sterilizer. They have friendly human-machine interface and optional control units which are designed according to the requirements of customers.

    Man-machine interface mode

    Display mode: digital tube display, liquid crystal display, TFT color screen, etc.

    Key mode: touch the switch, sensing button, etc.

    Executing components

    Disinfection cabinet: light wave heater, UV generator, door lock pulse valve, fan, LED lighting

    Temperature measurement of heater detector: thermocouple, platinum resistor, thermistor

    Technical parameters

    I. EMC performance parameters:

    1. Electrostatic immunity (EDS) refers to GB / T 17626.2, level 4 standard: contact discharge 8KV; air discharge 15KV.

    2. Radiated radio-frequency electrom agnetic field immunity refer to national standard GB / T 17626.3, level 3: 80mhz-1000mhz; 10V / M

    3. Electrical Fast Transient/Brust refer to national standard GB/T 17626.4-2008, level 4 standard: 4KV/5KHz;L;N;E, two minutes for positive and negative poles of each phase.

    4. Surge immunity (surge) refers to national standard GB / T 17626.5, line-line 2KV; line -ground 4KV

    5. Conducted susceptibility immunity refer to national standard GB / T 17626.6, level 3 standard: 10V / 150khz-80mhz;

    6. Voltage dips and short interruptions refer to national standard GB / T 17626.11: 2 standard of voltage: 1) fail to 0% last 0.01s,0.02s, fail to 70% last 0.5s 2) 2 standard of short time interruption: fail to 0% last 5s.

    7. Disturbance voltage at mains refer to national standard GB / T 4343.1, the frequency range:(148.5Khz-30MHZ).

    II. Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃; humidity < 80%

    Storage environment: - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; humidity < 80%

    III. working input voltage: 220VAC 50Hz

    Input voltage range value: 187vac < x < 252vac 50Hz

  • Product design highlight

    1. Accord with 2-star standard design:

    (1) After power failure, the door lock automatically maintains the state before power failure to prevent ozone leakage exceeding the standard;

    (2) In order to facilitate the user to open the door, the one key opening function is designed;

    (3) In order to solve the problem that the door cannot be opened after a long time of power failure, the structure of manual mechanical door opening is designed.

    2. The standby power consumption of the controller is less than 1W;

    3. The patented touch key spring structure has more reliable contact and higher sensitivity consistency;

    4. Full load 7 major fault detection: heater fault double detection, windshield stepper motor fault detection, door lock solenoid valve fault detection, LED lighting fault detection, communication fault detection, UV generator fault detection, fan fault detection;

    5. Heater dual safety protection: 1. general relay protection 2.outer temperature controller protection.

    6. 2 major safety protection: heater fault defection, communication fault protection;

    7. Software evaluation level B: for the control system with protective electronic circuit, the software can prevent the danger caused by non software fault;

    8. Standard compliance: fully comply with the national standards on standby power consumption of disinfection cabinet, EMC and safety regulations.

    Performance & function introduction

    Menu function: you can choose the menu mode function of the disinfection cabinet.

    Child lock function: prevent misoperation;

    Fault alarm function: stop the machine for alarm after the fault occurs, and display the fault code to ensure the safety of human and machine;

    Timing and clock function: It can realize the functions of time disinfection, appointment disinfection and clock.

    Power down memory function: After the power supply is restored, it can be operated from the place of power failure to avoid repeated operation and save time.