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Pedestal pan

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  • This series of products are mainly used in the electronic control of the toilet. They can cooperate with the corresponding operation parts and executive parts to realize all the control functions of the intelligent toilet. They have friendly human-machine interface and optional control units which are designed according to the requirements of customers.

    Man-machine interface mode

    Display mode: digital tube display, liquid crystal display, TFT color screen, etc.

    Key mode: touch the switch, sensing button, etc.

    Executing components

    Toilet: 45W heat ring heating, 450W heat storage tank heating, 550W drying and heating, deodorizing fan, deodorizing lamp, night light, pulse flushing, water distribution stepping motor, spray bar moving stepping motor, clean water pressure motor interface, flushing water tank motor interface, drying fan interface, relay control power bus

    Temperature measurement of heater detector: thermistor

  • Product design highlight

    1. The standby power consumption of the controller is less than 1W;

    2. The patented touch key spring structure has more reliable contact and higher sensitivity consistency;

    3. Full load 5 major fault detection, heater fault dual detection, display key infrared detection, seat sensing detection, water level detection of heat storage tank, flush hall detection;

    4.2 large safety protection, heater fault protection and leakage protection;

    5. Software evaluation level B: for the control system with protective electronic circuit, the software can prevent the danger caused by non software fault of the instrument;

    6.Standard compliance: fully comply with national standards on standby power consumption of toilet, EMC and safety regulations.

    Performance & function introduction

    · Seat sensing function;

    · Off seat automatic flushing function;

    · Seat temperature heating function;

    · Warm air drying function;

    · Automatic deodorization function;

    · Intelligent remote control function;

    · Power off flushing function;

    · Hip cleaning function;

    · Leakage protection function;

    · Fault alarm function.